The following Pipeline Equipment Spotlight features the latest and greatest in vacuum excavator technology, for all of your pipeline integrity and maintenance needs.

The enhanced lineup of Ditch Witch vacuum excavators boosts productivity and versatility on municipality and underground construction jobs. The models feature innovative and patent-pending designs that meet evolving customer needs on a wide range of applications — from compact, urban projects to large-scale excavation, potholing, slot trenching and microtrenching projects. The line includes three models — the HX30, HX50 and HX75 — each with outstanding suction and water pressure. The machines feature a cyclonic three-stage filtration system, offering the industry’s best filtration and maximum protection of key components. The low-profile design allows for easy navigation on any jobsite, without compromising ground clearance. Tank options include a choice of a 500- or 800-gal debris tank to meet the requirements of any sized cleanup. Each model is available in a light or heavy package with various freshwater tank sizes and trailer weights depending on jobsite needs.

All across North America there are large infrastructure projects being launched involving rail construction and track maintenance. There are a lot of attachment options out there for rail excavation jobs but no clear solution. Ox Equipment realized the opportunity to supply the rail industry with suction excavation equipment that mounts directly to the track system, and capitalized on its ability to dump on site, or immediately backfill. There are options currently on the market that can attach to locomotives and even other excavation equipment, but those iterations aren’t nearly as efficient when compared to the power of the Dino Suction Excavation Series. New for 2019, Ox Equipment introduced the MTS Dino Rail as the latest innovation to the rail industry. The MTS Dino Rail is a standalone suction excavator with mounted hirail kit to allow it to enter any yard or access point and fit right to the track.

RAMVAC by Sewer Equipment brings you the AX-4000 Air Excavator truck series. Offered on a class 6 chassis, the AX-4000 doesn’t require a CDL to drive or operate. Due to its single engine design, operators can excavate with both air and water effectively with one truck. The water systems are contained within a single heated enclosure for cold weather application and the hydraulic rear door allows operators to dump spoils quickly and easily. This truck provides the ability to pothole using a 4-in. port or perform major excavating using a 6-in. port, while offering standard payload capacities from 5,000 to 12,000 lbs. RAMVAC offers a variety of blower capacities, including 18- to 27-in. Hg at 1,400 to 3,000 CFM and our standard Dig Deep boom carries powerful air flow while providing its operator the ability to dig 10 ft below grade. From tool storage to operation controls, the AX-4000 is designed to make overall operation and maintenance simple.

One of three 800-gal capacity rigs in the Ring-O-Matic line of vacuum excavators, the versatile HiCFM 850VX offers the greatest suction capability of the skid-, truck- and trailer-mounted designs. Applications for the HiCFM 850VX range from quickly and safely key-holing or potholing buried utilities, cleaning out storm drains, catch basins, drilling fluids, valve boxes, slot trenching, or assisting in environmental cleanup. The popular trailer-mounted version offers easy portability from a standard ¾-ton truck, with less than 1,200-lb., fully loaded, optimally balanced tongue weight and 16,000 lb. GVWR. The tandem axle, pintle hitch mount trailer is built on a heavy-duty, 8-in. C-channel frame for long-lived reliability riding on torsion flex low-profile axles.Vacuum power of the HiCFM 850VX is supplied by a 15-in., 1,000 cfm ROOTS blower and powered by a Caterpillar or Kubota Tier 4F diesel engine.

The Rival T7 Hydrovac is a road legal, cost effective unit, engineered to work primarily in urban settings. The Rival has become a popular choice for contractors who need high production in populated areas but need to remain street legal. The truck is built on a Western Star tandem chassis with Cummins power, Allison automatic transmissions and full locking differentials. The truck has a 7 cubic yard debris body and 800 gallons of fresh water storage. With hoist and “Pressure off” offloading capabilities, the Rival can pressure loads into other vessels, vehicles or tanks in minutes. The RaptorLock dump door system to allow the door to hold a seal under vacuum or pressure without the use of manual wing nuts. The Robuschi Robox enclosed blower system ensures quiet operation, 2,650 CFM and Full vacuum. The Rival has a 12 Volt boiler system, 14 gpm water system and full winterization features. The truck has a full rotation 6-in. boom, extendable to 20 ft and an Aarcomm remote system controls boom, water, vacuum and displays real time truck weight.

The Smartvac tandem axle truck weighs 28,000 lbs total, unloaded. It is the lightest on the market. Debris capacity is 8 cubic yards, with 1,100 gallons of water storage. A 3,200 CFM Roots blower, and 10 gpm water pump, tuned to 3,000 psi, provides the equivalent power and suction of a larger unit, while always in compliance with strict road restrictions. Smartvac uses artificial intelligence to run almost autonomously, to reduce man power to one operator. A touch screen computer and a wireless remote controls the unit and demonstrates this product’s innovation. The unit will winterize itself at the push of a button; it will tell the operator how much load is left in reference to legal GVW, and it will recognize overhead obstruction to prevent collision. Smartvac operates at levels of 84db, and is the perfect truck for the urban market.

Super Products offers a safe, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional digging equipment with the Mud Dog Hydro Excavator. The Mud Dog is designed for operator convenience and consistent performance in the harshest environments. Super Products offers an air excavation option, which allows the operator to always choose the best application, water or air, for the job. The Mud Dog is available with 12- or 16-yd. debris capacity. Each model comes standard with tilt ejection unloading, the industry’s safest dumping solution and is equipped with a rear mounted boom that can reach 27 ft and has 335- degree rotation.

Time is money in the hydroexcavation industry. That means that taking the time to empty your spoils tank is money out of your pocket. The larger the tank, the longer your techs can spend on the jobsite. With their two new trailer-mounted hydroexcavators (the Atlas and Boreas) along with the super-sized Hercules XL truck-mounted hydroexcavator from Supervac, you’d think this much payload capacity wouldn’t be legal … but you’d be wrong. At 37 ft long, the new Hercules XL is perfect for applications where weight is not as much of a concern. It can carry an industry leading 18 cubic yards of debris and it has available a payload capacity of a market-topping 25,000 lbs before Canadian payload laws are exceeded. The increased payload capacity will help save time and money, as not only is dumping available on site, the length of the Hercules XL will maintain its legal highway capacity.

Tornado Global Hydrovacs is proud to announce the full line of ECO-LITE series hydrovacs. The Tornado ECO-LITE Series of hydrovacs offers a newly redesigned back end with an oversized 48-in by 52-in. mud gate that feature auto locks and an adjustable splashguard. Offloading is simple, safe and efficient. On the new ECO-LITE series, we have relocated our grease manifold which eliminates the need for climbing onto the truck. This significantly reduces maintenance time and improves employee safety. The ECO-LITE series boom has been updated with a new Speed Access Hatch allowing for quick removal of the deflector plate while still retaining its 26-ft reach and 342-degree rotation and a 23-ft dig depth without the need of additional dig tubes. This greatly increases your efficiency and it is one more thing that sets Tornado Hydrovacs apart from others in the Industry.

Designed for utility, municipal and contractor customers involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of underground water, sewer, gas, electric and telecommunications lines, the versatile TRUVAC Paradigm sub-compact vacuum excavator can dig holes with water or air; vacuum, contain and dispose of drill mud; power pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical tools; and provide transport and storage of replacement parts, equipment and tools. The truck’s trademarked “Park-n-Dig” design minimizes the time between arriving on the jobsite and excavation, including the ability to dig up to 6 ft in depth without additional pipe and hose. The air compressor, which is standard on the Paradigm, powers utility tools such as jackhammers and tampers that may be used on the job. The truck features substantial storage space for these tools, including a long-handle tool box. The truck can also tow up to 20,000 lbs.

Hydro excavation serves many roles at oil and gas drilling sites. Vacall AllExcavate models deliver superior water pressure and vacuum forces needed by the oil and gas exploration industry to safely expose underground infrastructure, clean frac tanks and vessels, clean drilling rigs, and prepare surface areas for tie-in installation and repair. The AllExcavate uses one engine to power the chassis and to provide power for vacuum and jetting — a unique design that slashes fuel consumption, eliminates emissions and noise from a second engine, and reduces costs and downtime for routine maintenance. Three different boom and hose options accommodate customer preferences: a heavy-duty full-length rubber hose, a steel tube-in-tube boom and intake that connects to an identical rubber hose elbow, and the original steel tube-in-tube design that has a steel elbow boom and intake tube — the industry standard for strength and durability.

Vac-Con and Vector Technologies bring a comprehensive line of hydrovac units to the market, offering both truck and trailer-mounted models. The X-Cavator functions as a combination wet/dry truck-mounted machine with an impressive 15- to 28-in. hg vacuum system. Available from 3 yd to 16 yd debris tank and 500 to 1,300 gallons water capacity, the X-Cavator can outperform any other unit on the market in regards to vacuum power. The XX-Cavator is a champion for the toughest projects and offered in a 16 yd debris tank and 900 gal. water capacity configuration. Featuring dual blowers and cyclonic separators, the XX-Cavator boasts a vacuum of 27-in. Hg and 20 gpm at 4,000 PSI water pump. The Mudslinger trailer-mounted hydrovac unit is a powerful yet portable machine boasting 16-in. Hg a 1,190 cfm. The Mudslinger operates with 4 gpm at 4,000 psi, taking on tough jobs with a smaller footprint.

The Vermeer MV Solutions Vac-Tron Low Profile (LP) Vacuum Excavator Series is available in 500- to 1,200-gallon debris tank sizes, 100- to 400-gallon water tank capacities with 3,500 psi at 4 gpm, a hydraulic rear door, the patented CVS filtration system, a reverse pressure system and a heavy-duty I-beam trailer with Dexter torsion axles. The LP Series of vacuum excavators offers a six-way hydraulic boom or optional strong arm to maximize job performance by supporting the weight of the vacuum hose. The series has a 5-in. hose, wireless remote control, a quick connect for 4-in. tooling and easily accessible no tools needed cleanout port.

The Westech Wolf non-code certified hydrovac truck is ideal for oil and gas customers working in extreme conditions. The debris body is positioned on the optimal spot of the chassis to ensure the payload is proportionately distributed across all axles simultaneously, maximizing legal payload for customers and improving operational efficiency. The side-mounted water tanks reduce the weight by more than 40 percent, lowering the overall cost of the truck. The 1,500-gallon capacity ensures ample water storage capacity for large or remote jobs. A top-mounted “no-touch” water fill system is easily accessible from the passenger side of the vehicle. The debris body is lifted using a telescoping, dual-acting hydraulic cylinder capable of 36,000 lbs of force. When fully extended, the debris body exceeds a 45-degree dump angle for fast and efficient offloading. To help the offloading process, a heavy-duty, hydraulically powered tank vibrator is mounted to the belly of the debris body.

220v Hydraulic Power Pack Unit

Hi-Vac Corp. has completely redesigned the X-Vac X-8 Hydro Excavator. The updates to the X-8 were engineered to increase the hydro excavator’s payload capacity and power. Hi-Vac engineers the newly designed X-8 with a legally loaded 8-cu-yd. debris tank with a dished front head, Roots Model 4,000 CFM 27-in. Hg high performance blower, a cyclone separator capable of >10-micron filtration and a 24,000-lb. payload capacity. The legally loaded debris tank should assist in preventing overweight tickets. The on-board scale on the X-8 is located at the operator’s station. The 8-in. vacuum and the 4,000 cfm blower give the X-8 the power that used to be limited to larger models of hydro excavators. The X-8 also is engineered to offer an optional heated enclosure that makes it a good fit for cold-weather applications.

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