‘SAIL supplied special-quality steel for Chandrayaan-2′

State-owned SAIL July 22 said it supplied special-quality stainless steel from its Salem Steel Plant for the country’s moon mission Chandrayaan-2. “Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) has supplied special-quality stainless steel from its Salem Steel Plant for India’s moon mission Chandrayaan-2 meeting the ISRO’s requirements for stringent specifications, superior surface finish and close tolerances,” SAIL said in a statement. Earlier also, SAIL collaborated with ISRO to provide quality steel for the country’s prestigious and indigenous space missions. SAIL along with ISRO has taken a major step forward as part of the Make In India initiative advanced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for indigenously developing the “exotic Russian grade ICSS-1218-321(12X18H10T) austenitic stabilised stainless steel used in the construction of the cryogenic rocket engines that are being made at ISRO”. As part of this initiative, scientists from the Liquid Propulsion System Centre of ISRO and the SAIL team at its Salem Steel Plant have closely collaborated and rolled the stainless steel coils at Salem. Stainless steel coil tube With this breakthrough,...

ECO Animal Health Group plc receives marketing authorisation for Aivlosin® in chickens laying eggs for human consumption.

ECO Animal Health Group plc (LON: EAH) has today announced that its subsidiary ECO Animal Health Limited (ECO) has received a marketing authorisation from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of the Government of India for the use of Aivlosin® 625 mg/g water soluble granules in chickens laying eggs for human consumption. This approval allows ECO to start selling Aivlosin® in India for the medication of drinking water for the treatment of infections caused by Mycoplasma in poultry laying eggs for human consumption, with a zero day drug withdrawal period for eggs. Aivlosin®, ECO’s patented antimicrobial, is used under veterinary prescription for the treatment of a variety of economically important respiratory and enteric (gut) diseases in poultry and pigs. “India is ranked second with just over 5 per cent of the world’s laying birds and although the market is somewhat fragmented, we expect this to change in the future. This latest approval demonstrates ECO’s continued progress in rolling out this indication for commercial layers.” Stainless Steel Coiled Tube, Stainless Steel Polishing Tube – Sihe,https://www.tjtgsteel.com/