Movement solutions company Accuride has expanded its Senseon-branded intelligent cabinet access-control offering from a locked cabinet system to full access management, employing passive HF RFID technology. The Senseon Plus solution provides what the firm calls "audit trail" functionality to capture data about each cabinet-access event, as well as "dual authentication" requiring two individuals to tap in to access a cabinet, and "discrete access" to limit the number of cabinets that can be opened by specific individuals.

The solution is the result of the company's efforts to expand its offerings from simple locking and unlocking automation to full access control and management, according to Evan Hicks, Accuride's Senseon marketing coordinator. The system was designed to meet the needs of the multiple industries the company serves, including retail, health care, pharmaceuticals, financial services and residential.

Since that release, Hicks says, the company's research and design team has been evaluating customers' needs, including in the health-care, retail, residential and financial services sectors. "We've taken the time to really dive into the needs of these industries to create a system that's tailored to their needs," he states. In June of this year, the company released its new product, Senseon Plus. "By staying abreast of industry trends, we've created a system which meets the needs of several different industries."

Health-care companies, drug stores and veterinary offices are challenged with managing who can access addictive or dangerous medications. While opioids are a concern due to the opioid crisis across the United States, veterinary offices are faced with the presence of euthanasia medication that some veterinarians and their staff use to commit suicide.

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