Everyone enjoys a relaxing bath. Be it a hot shower or a warm jacuzzi, sometimes all one needs is a good bath to rejuvenate their senses. Now one of the most important elements of a good bathing experience requires using a soft and comfortable towel. After all, picking the wrong towel can cost you a lot of discomforts - itchy and dry skin, bacterial infections, frizzier hair, and more. It also goes without saying that you need to be very careful about what is coming in contact with your skin. So without further ado, MensXP has compiled a list of the best towels in India that warrant a place in your washroom.  

The Amouve organic bath towel is the ultimate choice for people looking for super absorbent, plush towels that, unlike conventional bath towels, are anti-pill. These towels  are more durable, safer for your skin, and provide a luxurious, smooth feeling. Add to this a high gsm count as well as a comparatively economical price tag, and this can safely be considered as being one of the best towels in India. 

This bamboo towel set (including bath and hand towels) from Heelium is designed for effective absorbing, with an internal hollow fibre structure that allows for three times quicker moisture absorption as compared to other towels. The antibacterial property of bamboo also gives these towels an anti-odour effect, while making them two to three times softer than cotton towels. The antimicrobial qualities are also what makes these towels the best pick for those harbouring sensitive skin. 

Ready to invest in the best luxury towels that make you feel like you're living in a 5-star hotel? Look no further than this Towels Beyond six piece set, which boasts of a new and unique towel design, appealing colours, and a fabric composition of premium combed cotton that provides superb absorbency. What adds to the value of this set of luxury towels, however, is the fact that it has been made in a completely eco-friendly way, thereby also cutting down on your carbon footprint! Don't we all love eco-friendly shopping?

Next in line on our list of best towels in India is this set of four towels by Linen Clubs. Softer and more durable than even Turkish cotton, these towels can be used for your spa sessions, beach outings, and of course, your normal bath-tub soak. They are highly comfortable, with the soft blue colours lending class and stature to one's bathroom. 

Bringing class and luxury to you on a tighter budget, this Mush towel is made of 100% bamboo terry. The long-lasting fabric is also stain and fade-resistant, which makes sure that your bathroom towel looks brand new even after months of usage. This towel is soft, anti-microbial and odour resistant, which makes it one of the best bath towels in India. 

Available in a classy and elegant design, this Luxor Liners bath towel is made from premium Egyptian cotton. In other words, you don't have to worry about its quality and/or durability. What makes this towel stand out even more, however, the option of personal customization on these towels. Any monogram of your wish can be embroidered on this towel, making sure that your bathroom essentials look classier and more personalised than anyone else's. 

Though not very easy on the wallet, this set of four bath towels from Kiron is definitely easy on the skin. These towels are softer, more absorbent, and wash better than cotton towels. This set of black towels, in particular, defines elegance and class, while also bringing luxury straight to your home. These towels are fluffy and luxurious, yet gentle and strong enough to maintain durability, making them the best luxury towels in India. 

This luxury towel by Puffy Cotton brings a bright and exciting blue colour to your washroom setting, with the VAT dyeing on the towel ensuring that the colour doesn't easily fade away. Using this cooling, absorbent, and soft towel after a hot shower will make sure your mood for the rest of the day is relaxed and cheered. 

Made using a premium material and designed to be soft yet absorbent, this Bloom Pima Zero Twist bath towel from Bumble Towels will add freshness to your morning routine. This towel is also available in four different colours, all of which remain vibrant even after years of usage. Made using American cotton that makes these towels super plush, the company is so confident about their quality that they assure you a guarantee wherean, if you're not satisfied with the product, you can return them without any hassles.    

Sporting a fashionable and simplistic style - white towels with an olive green stripe - this set of 4 Venice Luxury towels from LUNASIDUS makes for a great purchase. After all, investing in these towels for your washroom will make sure that it starts resembling one belonging to a five-star hotel! As such, these luxurious combed cotton variants can safely be considered as being some of the best towels in India.  

Nothing says classy like these greyish blue hand towels from the house of SLB Works that bring to you class in the form of smooth, absorbent, anti-bacterial, and sophisticated cotton fibres. These towels will surely add a sophisticated and classy look to your washroom, while coming in handy (pun not intended!) for everyday usage. The smooth fibres of the towel also make it a great purchase, despite its slightly hefty price tag.  

This Cotton Craft set of four bath towels are oversized (30x56) and made using pure combed cotton. Inspired by the most luxurious European spas and hotels, you'll find yourself feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a good soak, wrapped in these comfortable and luxurious towels. 

Here's a luxury towel that not only brings to you a smooth feel and absorbent fibres, but on top of that comes with a unique, embroidered print that, besides setting it apart from other towels, adds colour and style to your bathroom. It takes five to ten seconds to absorb moisture, and also assures you a quick clean up! 

The Micro Cotton Hampton Avenue bath towel, which is made using pure cotton, comes infused with proprietary 3FX technology that provides plush comfort like never before. Also, the impeccably crafted Dobby design gives it a certain uniqueness, while its double combed yarn gives it a royal look. The incredibly affordable price tag, especially in comparison to the other products on our list, also makes this a steal of a deal. 

100% Cotton Circle Beach Towel

A more budget-friendly option by Swiss Republic, this bath towel, that is available in a soothing blue hue, comes with intricately woven embroidery and a 700 GSM zero twist yarn. This towel makes you feel luxurious without having you rob the bank, making it one of the best towels in India for those on a budget. 

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